We Supply Technology.

So you can Concentrate on your production.

With the Subject Matter Expertise of our talented team here at 3G, we are capable of high caliber, innovative gear and crew to make your vision come to life on the World Screen.

Whether it’s a wired static camera, a wireless high frame rate Steadicam, or long distance wireless connectivity, we have the technology and expertise to execute. 

3G camera operator


3G design and build systems using cutting edge technology for television broadcast and film production. Our very own in-house Machine Shop has both the CNC and CAD. Our CNC allows custom & precision fabrication of stable and robust parts & pieces that enable complete “Custom Camera Systems” for everything from Race Cars to Helmet Cams to Horse Race Starting Gates. Some past solutions include:
  • Line to Gain pylons (NFL)
  • Endzone Pylons (NFL)
  • POV Cameras
  • In-car cameras (NHRA, ARCA)
  • Motorcycle/lead trucks (Boston Marathon, Cycling Tours)
  • Helicopter Cameras
  • Steadicam and meg cam
See Clients for more information on these unique projects.
ARCA On-Board Camera System
ARCA On-Board Camera System
CNC Machine


Our proprietary 3G REMI system technology can capture production content from film and sporting events and transmit it live from remote locations to the 3G REMI master control room.

This system provides an alternative to building out costly and less efficient production compounds or on-site video facilities and villages at major sporting events and remote film locations. It also puts you in control no matter where you are in the world! Contact us for details.


On-location technology can significantly reduce the number of crew, expedite production time, provide more control, and lower costs.


3G’s in-house engineers, technicians and remote EIC’s are some of the best in the business ensuring your productions are “a seamless broadcast” of the highest quality and standards.

3G tech support personnel collaborate
Panning roof camera mounted to race car
Capturing live what is means to be a Hot Rod Team member – A day in the life of 3G and Race Cars!

Custom design solutions

The old saying “no idea is a bad idea” drives one of our guiding principles of Innovation. We have repeatedly turned the improbable into viable solutions for your broadcast visions.

Our design team takes your vision and makes it a reality. The impossible becomes possible.